Indian Peaks Real Estate Services is the Front Range’s favorite real estate and property management company because of the high level of service and low fees provided by our company.

Indian Peaks Real Estate Services has a portfolio of properties spanning from the mountains to the plains.  We specialize in giving our clients and tenants personalized services to suit their needs.  We offer flexible terms on both residential rentals and sales, and we try to work with each individual client to make sure that their properties are being managed according to their particular specifications and needs, and for the lowest price.

We are also a very tenant-friendly company.  Too often in today’s large-scale property management companies, tenants are being routinely stripped of their rights, including their right to their security deposits at the end of their leases.  We work together with local companies to provide maintenance and cleaning services for the lowest fees, so that our tenants are treated fairly and honestly at the end of the lease term.  We truly believe that if the tenant maintains the property well, and leaves the home spotless at the end of their term, they deserve to receive 100% of their security deposit back.

Indian Peaks Real Estate Services also handles every step involved with real estate sales.  From helping to determine your home’s value to walking you through each section of the Colorado Real Estate Commission contracts, we are there to make the process of buying and selling a home less stressful, and more of what it should be, a positive experience for all involved.

Indian Peaks Real Estate Services is committed to providing the best service available. Because of this, we are highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. Our friendly and exceptional service sets us apart from other real estate and property management companies, not to mention our low rates! Other local companies cannot meet our extensive resources and long-standing relationships with the community.

Call Indian Peaks Real Estate Services today and learn why we are The Front Range’s best choice for real estate sales and property management.

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